Naval Undersea Warfare Center - Keyport 

Naval Undersea Warfare Center - Keyport


Only U.S. Citizens will be considered for positions at this lab. No Dual Citizens will be considered for this facility.

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division (NUWC), Keyport provides Fleet readiness support for submarines, torpedoes, land attack systems and Fleet training systems, support services such as in-service engineering, test and evaluation (T&E), and custom engineered solutions, as well as other cutting-edge technologies that sustain and maintain our nation’s undersea warfare systems.

NUWC Division, Keyport has the following technical leadership areas:

System Acceptance and Operational Readiness provides undersea warfare T&E and research and development (R&D) testing for torpedoes, and unmanned underwater vehicles of all shapes and sizes as well as failure analysis and environmental testing of those vehicles.

In-Service Engineering Integrated Logistics Support provides life-cycle support of Fleet deployed systems. This includes engineering and logistics for products, services, and processes introduced into the Fleet. We focus on increased system capability, reliability, effectiveness, efficiency, availability and ease of maintenance, with the goal of reducing the Navy’s cost of ownership and operation. As part of this role, NUWC Keyport has extensive roles in providing information assurance of critical naval computer systems.

Maintenance Engineering & Industrial Operations exploits leading-edge industrial technology and custom engineered solutions to mitigate the effects of obsolescence, improve reliability, and support the R&D community in prototype development and testing. Keyport provides reverse engineering, depot repair, and prototyping & fabrication technologies and boasts extensive capabilities in additive manufacturing, 3-D printing, sand casting, laser cladding, plasma spray, and cold spray.

For Information:

Erik Neal  360-315-5825

Wendy Brooks  360-315-8405

Kristin Muhleman  (360) 315-6784