NASA Ames (Moffett Field, CA)

You must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident to participate at this laboratory. Dual citizens will be considered at this facility.

Description of NASA

NASA's Vision: We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.

Description of NASA Ames

For more than 76 years, Ames has led NASA in conducting world-class research and development in aeronautics, exploration technology and science aligned with the center's core capabilities of:

€ Entry systems

€ Supercomputing

€ NextGen air transportation

€ Airborne science

€ Low-cost missions

€ Biology and astrobiology

€ Exoplanets

€ Autonomy & robotics

€ Lunar science

€ Human systems integration

€ Wind tunnels

Description of Military Programs at NASA Ames

The Mission of military programs is to facilitate, leverage, connect, and engage synergistic innovative collaborations within and between NASA, DoD, and other entities, locally and across the globe, for mutually beneficial partnerships resulting in tangible high value high impact knowledge, resource, and technology sharing while supporting STEM and diversity.

The Vision of Military Programs is to be a world-class leader in facilitation of science and technology, mutually beneficial collaborations within and across disciplines and departments, providing both quantitative and qualitative positively disruptive value while supporting STEM and diversity.

The day to day work of Military Programs involves a wide range of activities in a wide range of disciplines, from relationship building to technology scouting and sharing to tool creation. Students may work in a core competency area creating solutions for NASA that will later be applied to the Navy, or they may work in offices aimed at knowledge mapping for tool creation that will help bring NASA and Navy technologies together.